Corporate Decisions – Building or Tearing Down Your Brand?

A Thomas Image is not the most expensive photography studio in town, nor is it the least expensive.  I’ve always felt you should experience product quality and quality service at A Thomas Image.  When you purchase prints and photography from my studio I want you to receive a high level of quality and service.

That having been said let me tell you about a situation my Wife and I experienced recently.  My Wife decided it was time to replace our kitchen counter tops.  She called in the designer we used when we originally built our home.  The designer recommended Cambria for our counter tops.  Why? – Because they positioned themselves as a “high-end” manufacturer.  When you buy Cambria, you buy the best in product and service.

Well, the new countertops came in.  After installation, we noticed a defect in one of the tops.  A Cambria field service representative was dispatched to our house.  He inspected the top, took pictures, filled out a report, and tried to correct the problem.  He could not correct the problem.  We were told Cambria would review the information and advise us of their disposition.

Afterwards we learned the defect was in the counter top when it arrived at the installer’s facility.  Meaning it came that way from Cambria.  So now we’re thinking Cambria will make good on the counter top.  After all, they positioned themselves as a “high-end” manufacturer.

We got the results from Cambria – they felt the defect was caused by the installer.  As a result they would not replace the top.  So how did the situation get resolved?  The installer stood behind the job.  He purchased a new counter top, came on site, removed the old top and installed a brand new one.  His commitment was to make us and the designer happy – even at his expense.  Wow!  That’s commitment!

Lessons learned?  First, when I make a statement about the quality of my product and service at A Thomas Image, I need to be committed to stand behind that statement.  Second, just how committed is Cambria to their name in the marketplace and what might you think about their name, higher price and the marketing hype: a “high-end” manufacturer?

More info as it becomes available.


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